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An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript

An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript


An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript is a compilation of code-along style tutorials covering the absolute basics through to some significantly more advanced concepts.



00: Introduction - 02:52

01: An Initial Overview of the Blinkscript Node Interface - 13:21

02: Creating a blank Blinkscript Node - 03:02

03: Variable Types - 06:12

04: Creating a Constant - 12:05

05: Creating a Grade node - 23:56

06: Multiple channel operations: Creating a Monochrome node - 18:33

07: Transforming the image - 14:37 

08: Creating an STMap node - 11:37

09: Replicating a ‘GodRays’ effect - 15:18

10: Build-a-Blur Workshop - 20:58

11: Creating a Gizmo from a Blinkscript - 15:54

12: Building a Convolve - 19:51

13: Creating a ColourMatrix node - 18:23

14: Creating a Position Pass Projector - 21:29

15: Inverse Transformations - 22:18

total run time 4+ hours

  • What do I get when I purchase?

    You will receive a document with a download link to the full guide contents. This is due to file size restrictions.

    Download Contents (1.5GB): 4h+ of Videos, with Nukescripts for most chapters.

    You will also receive private links to stream the content on whatever device you prefer

  • Who is this guide aimed at?

    Compositors who are familiar with Nuke and relatively complex principles and want to get started with Blinkscript to push their skills further.

  • Do I need to know C++/Python before starting?

    I recommend at least understanding the basics of coding/scripting before starting. However Blinkscript is fairly unique to itself so lots is explained from the ground up. 

    My personal experience was having a solid knowledge of Python for Nuke prior to jumping into Blinkscript, then learning that from scratch (no C++)

  • Can I use the examples in production?

    All files in the guide were made using a commercial Nuke license, so there are no issues there. I’d only caveat that they’re very bare-bones for the sake of training, so  may need a fair bit of fiddling/polish

  • Student Discount?

    Yes, 75% off! Drop me an email with proof of student-status within the last year and I'll send you a discount code.

  • Bulk Order Discounts? (Studios/Education)

    Yes! Drop me an email and we'll discuss discounts based on purchase scale.

  • Testimonials

    "Good job , and really nice videos. Easy to understand, very clear. Well done Chris !"
    - Julien Trouchet, Compositing Supervisor at Illumination Mac Guff


    "'An Artist's guide to Blinkscript' course by Chris Fryer is without a doubt an amazing course for Compositors trying to delve into the programming side of Nuke. I remember going through many Blinkscript related articles yet remaining clueless as to how it all works. Thanks to Chris I have understood not only Blinkscript programming but also the logic behind it all. Chris has a knack in teaching. He simply does not show how he codes a certain program for a specific node operation but infact explains the theory behind things before starting off, which stands out the most about the course. I did not know so much about what happens behind the hood with blackpoint or gamma operation, Chris ensured to explain the concepts well. I look forward to more such ‘rich in material’ courses."

    - Rishahb Laheja, Digital Compositor

  • Do you accept Beer as payment?

    Officially I think I have to say no. Coffee however...

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