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Project: ALTITUDE is an open-ended compositing project with comp-along style example videos covering the brief from start to finish. 


I encourage you to mix-and-match with the materials provided and make this your own.


Materials Provided:

3x Aerial Plate Footage (sLog3 & ACEScg denoised)

5x Lens Flare Elements (sLog3)

3x Miniature Ship Elements (sLog3)

4x Window Dirt Textures (EXR)


Video Contents:

01: Setup and Colour - 11:20

02: Image Prep - 51:53

03: Rocket Trail - 1:58:02

04: Upper Atmosphere - 34:12

05: Miniature Ship - 2:07:11

06: Foreground Elements - 58:11

07: Look, Lenses & Lens Flares - 1:41:45 

Total Run Time - 8 hours+


  • You will receive a document with a download link to the full guide contents. This is due to file size restrictions.

    Download Contents (49.5GB): 8h+ of Example Videos, Project Materials, and Nukescripts.

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