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Decimal TimeOffset | Subframes Revisited

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Following on from my previous post about TimeBlur, I decided to delve deeper and put together a gizmo that allows you to access a single sub-frames.

You can download the gizmo here

You can download v2 of the gizmo here

The gizmo itself works by using a timeblur to call a specific moment between frames, then doing a simple bit of math to subtract the original frame, using a single float slider as the interface.


Christopher Charlton reached out to me with a solution regarding the bounding box which then made us realise this effect can be achieved with a modified TimeWarp node.

Step 1:

- Make a user slider from 0-1

Step 2:

- add an expression to input frame (internally name 'lookup')

Step 3:

- Set filter to 'none'

Christopher himself makes a lot of content so you can find his stuff here:



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