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LightReWrapper | Unwrapping LightWrapping!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

LightReWrapper came into to being after I decided to tool-ify a workflow I've been playing around with for a while. Procedurally removing and reapplying certain light-based influence and lensing to a plate and avoiding some headaches along the way.

The system works by:

1: Subtracting and light wrapping/blooming happening in the lens

2: Dividing at 'object-level', a rough light-based influence from the original scene

3: Multiplying back at 'object-level', a rough light-based influence of the new scene

4: Adding back and light wrapping/blooming that would happen at lens-level in the new scene

As with many things comp, this is a fairly hacky solution to a frustrating problem, but at a bare minimum this will provided a great foundation for further, more ad hoc treatments.

You can download the tool here!

You can check out Bygone here!

NB: If you downloaded the tool before 13/09/21 9:30am GMT. The default settings will be wrong, this has since been fixed. Redownload and you'll be fine :)


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