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Artistically Driven Keying & Despill | Experiments with Blinkscript

After playing around with ReverseSTMap I realised that there's a world of uses for this function beyond transformations. By combining this tool with methods created by Erwan Leroy and Compositing Academy an artistically more-friendly method of keying & despill can be had.

  • Follow along with the Nuke script used in this experiment here!

  • Follow along with the Tears of Steel plate here!

  • Erwan Leroy's "Make a custom advanced Keyer using STMap." can be found here!

  • Compositing Academy's "Gradient Re-Mapping and Quadratic Luma Keys" can be seen here!

  • Find the original demo of ReverseSTMap here!

  • Fancy learning Blinkscript yourself? Checkout my guide here!


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