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Experiments with Blinkscript | ContourBlur

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

ContourBlur is a Blinkscript-driven gizmo that allows you to blur an image based on a set of vectors. This is especially useful for blurring surface-dependent features on CG.

You can download the gizmo here!

You can check out Bygone here!

Learn more about Transformation Matrices here!

Interested in learning Blinkscript yourself? Checkout An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript


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2 commentaires

thank you, very cool !

i like how you used colourmatrix to make N relative to camera. just curious... any solution to convert P to object P so if object is animated, P "sticks" to object?

Chris Fryer
Chris Fryer
28 févr. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you!

For the 'stick', if the object is non-deforming, you can parent an axis to the object that replicates the motion, then use the world-matrix of that to match the motion. This won't account for deformation however. If that's the case then politely buy your lighter a beverage, and ask for an additional rendered pass.


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